Problematic BISQ client

Hello Support, my client is playing. I have created
Offer ID: 09855639-174bcf50-267b-46bb-9def-3d64bf34b9c5-080.

The issue is when I now load my client, and not matter how long I wait, I’m still not reaching full connection. The usual waiting 2 minutes for full connection message. I did have a somewhat similar issue when my connection had some problems as was fixed by the ISP. since then I have been able to make successful trades, but now I am having this problem. I cannot cancel without getting the error or create a new order. Is there a why to troubleshoot and tweak the client in some way?

Hello @Tgreenberg1 ,
Sometimes there may be issues with Tor.
You may go in Settings/Network info/P2P network and have a look.
Deleting outdated Tor files may help in some cases.

Are you in a country with which Tor has worries ?

I have this problem often too. Best way to fix it is starting bisq while using a vpn.

Sometimes the tor network can block your IP, when you use a vpn you can get a IP address that works.