Problematic transaction


I just tried to move 1.14 BTC from my Bitsquare wallet to a wallet on another system. I earlier successfully moved funds to this specific address.

This time, I went to “Available for withdrawal” and filled in 1.14 BTC (from two addresses) and a “to address” (same as before). I confirmed the send and the confirm dialog closed.
After approx. two seconds, I got a new dialog window saying something like “Error: bad address” (or something similar).

After that, I went to the tab “Transactions” and found my transaction at the top. After 30 minutes, it still says “Seen by 0 peer(s)/0 confirmations”. Usually, I get a “Seen by x peer(s)” quite fast.

This is the “missing” transaction:

Should I be concerned?
Thanks for your help and support! :smile:
All the best / Håkan

Not all explorers are listing all txs as long they are not confirmed.
Here it is. Tx fee seems not super bad, so should get confirmed in a few days or so… if not follow the instructions at the CPFP posting. When withdrawing set the tx fee in the settings high enough. you see in the popup before sending the tx the actual fee. it should be 300-400 sat/byte.

Ah. Got it. Thanks. It went through during the night. :smile:
All good and working!