Problems with Bisq (in general)


I follow the Bisq forum now for a while.
And I made trades over many Bisq releases (0.7.0 to 0.9.4).
I never experienced any problems.

My impression why people have problems is:

  • PC not running stable.
    Hardware problems (i.e. overheating). Driver problems (network, storage, graphic).
    Software problems.
    I assume that any Windows PCs older than 2 years is infected with some kind of malware.
  • PC not running 24/7 until trade is completed.

The quality of the Bisq releases is high in general. I never had any crash.
I would recommend people who want use Bisq for trade:

  • Run your PC 3 days 24h with a network monitor running (build in with Windows, Google it)
    Is your PC still running stable after 3 days continuous running ?
    Does your PC produce unexplained network traffic ? (malware ?)

Iā€™m sure once your PC is healthy Bisq is running fine.

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Thanks for the feedback. I would highly recommend any BTC trader to use OSX or Linux for crypto realted stuff. Windows is very unsafe.