Promoting Bitsquare on

I would really love to see Bitsquare do well and get loads of users. I will be recommending it on my blog.

I just published an article: I’ll probably go back and improve it later but I wanted to get something published today while I had time.

I’ve also added links to Bitsquare on a few other pages on the site which rank ok in Google and so get new readers every day.

Hopefully I can send a few new users your way from these things, but if anyone has any ideas what else I can do I am open to suggestions.


Great article!! Thanks. I shared it instantly with my LinkedIn network.
My facebook account that I closed years ago but for such good promotion it would be useful.

Keep spreading the word especially to professional BTC traders (usually they have some computers running 24/7 and could fill up the order books). Anyway, the next news of a hacked exchange, shut down platform (, further regulatory action and the continued debasement of Fiat money will do the ‘rest’.


Thanks for the shares!

I will keep spreading the word wherever I can. All these exchange hacks give bitcoin a bad name as well as losing so many people their savings, so I’m happy to promote a good alternative.

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Great article!
I will link to it on this underground forum where many people ask how to buy Bitcoin without photo-ID.

I also think it is a good idea to provide liquidity, and to take liquidity from new users so they get positive feedback quickly. Reinforcement learning is powerful.


Some words regarding decentralization, you may take it as an idea for an additional article.

What are additional areas with advantages of decentralization? Not only for exchange platforms/networks or currencies/tokens.

Power supply is massively centralized in order to ‘secure’ cheap and efficient energy. But this apparently cheap energy is heavily subsidized through tax payer money and monopolized through government regulation. See all the nuclear power plants. All are build by funneling tax payers moneys to make it even possible. The security concerns are silenced with heavy regulation and security measures.
Now, all security measures couldn’t avoid accidents and public opinion shifts, its again tax payers money that is misallocated to ‘repair’ the damage. The argument that we all benefit from cheap energy falls short as its only seeing the price and not the total cost namely higher taxes, more regulation, less innovation.
In a military conflict this power plants are main targets. Remember Irak, the first thing the attacker took out of service were the power plants. To defend agains that scenario tax funded army is in place. I could go on but I guess you got the idea.
Now imagine a network of smaller power suppliers. In the EU Governments created the EU power market to ‘secure’ supply of cheap energy. One could see it as power supply companies needed a greater market to dump their oversupply. While the German experiment goes in a decentralized direction its the consumer that yet pays the bill. Record low wholesale prices do not reach the consumer. His total bill is at record high levels. What else to expect with government involvement.
More decentralization and less government intervention increases supply security, at lower cost (the price may be higher at first but reduced regulation, lower number of unproductive bureaucrats, reduced subzidies -> less standing army and lower taxes). You may have seen this article
Expanding decentralization means back to free market. … I could go on and on but maybe you have other ideas for future articles. Anyway, if you need more detail don’t hesitate. Best

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Interesting idea to write about the benefits of decentralization in general, including of government monopolies. It would take a lot of work to do it justice but I do sometimes have articles that I work on as a slow-burner doing very little bits here and there over time, so I might just have a go at something like this in that way. Thanks!

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Great article thanks a lot! I will add it to our press page:

I have read the article now in detail and I am impressed of the quality both in style and very accurate and profound content! Great work! Thanks a lot!
Would love to get your talent for Bitsquare if you see any way how you can contribute. You are probably familiar with the DAO model (see

A small correction:
“and you can modify which exchanges your software uses in the settings” - Atm we take only BitcoinAverage for fiat and poloniex for altcoins. As both traders need the same price source a user defined price source might be problematic. Later if sufficient liquidity we might use Bitsquares native price feed.

Ahh, thanks for the correction. I think I had a vague memory of changing the settings for the block explorer and confused myself while writing it. I’ll change it now.

I would love to be involved in a Bitsquare DAO and will be happy to contribute any way I can.

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