Promoting offers

Bisq offers for my national currency are currently non existent in Bisq. I would like to create sell/buy offers with more convenient prices than what I offer in other exchanges.

What would be the best way to promote these offers in, say, the LBTC offer conditions text?

In Bisq itself there is no promotion, the price is the best promotion. If you use a price around < 1% from market price the offers are usually taken fast. You can promote your offer outside Bisq wherever you like (Reddit, Forums, Twitter,…).

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On the LBTC text I’d say -0.5% if you trade on Bisq. Maybe you’ll get banned from LBTC I don’t know their rules. Or using the chat, but again if I were your peer it would feel strange if someone who I haven’t trade with tries to use a different method and maybe I would call for moderation.
Something like “ask for better conditions”, giving them the option to ask you for alternatives is a better approach.
Maybe it would be enough to post somewhere different than LBTC that you are offering X price on Bisq, like local facebook forums, telegram groups and some other places you already have some reputation.
Bisq also tries to announce strange trading peers on social media so the voice of, let’s say a Venezuelan Bolivar’s offer, is expanded. Once you post the offer, say something and probably they will announce the offer on twitter.