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Right now I’m appealing to the megalomaniac in all of us. I’m telling people that with Bitsquare you can have your own personal bank and forex service.

And it’s the truth, so why not?

For perpetual travelers and mobile entrepreneurs it’s a great service. Move to a new country, open a local bank account and throw some BTC online for sale. Hey presto, you’re funded.

Recently I made a sale to New Zealand. It was 0.5 BTC and was both my first sale and, I believe, the first NZD sale on Bitsquare. I only made 1% over market, but when I assessed the cost of getting that money into my NZ bank account it was an eye-opener.

The best available bank exchange rate would have cost me another $11.50 and they would have also charged $15.00 for the transfer. I can get better exchange rates using a forex service - which is what I’ve been doing for the past two years - but they still charge $15.00 per transaction. I saved 4% on the best alternative option right there.

As for credit cards, they are a thing of the past, unless you have money to burn.

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