PROPOSAL: Buy your reputation

This has been proposed by Wiz, but i think it needs some fine tuning. Since we cant have a centralized reputation, you could actually just buy your reputation.

We could potentially add any payment method, no matter the risk of chargebacks. The requirement would be BSQ tokens locked in the DAO to enable you to buy your reputation, and the amount of BSQ locked up would enable you to access high risk trades and a threshold of volumne.

Say, for example: Paypal. You would be required 2x the amount of BSQ worth of the trade, locked up in the DAO and you wont be able to withdraw it in less than 200 days after the trade. If you are mr. arsehole and do a chargeback, the DAO could refund the offended user out of your funds and burn the rest of the BSQ (or use it for whatever the DAO would consider it). If you are serious about your trade, you wont do a chargeback and will anyway get your tokens back.

According to every method, the threshold could be decreased or increased acording to the risk of your trade. For example, Western Union has almost no chargeback risk, unless you have not withdrawn the money, you could requiere only 10% of the total value of the trade locked in BSQ and would be able to witdhraw it in just 15 days. Trading for other crypto would requiere no BSQ locked at all.

Makes sense. At this time, Bisq can’t afford much innovation.

Just found out, alredy proposed and was locked. Dang. It would have driven up the BSQ hoarding and price.