Proving that a SEPA took place

Lets say someone claims he did a SEPA transfer, but he could be lying and the arbitrator needs prove.
How do you proof that ?
I have been searching the net, and I didn’t find anything.
If I called my own bank and asked for that, I’m sure they would just steal 100 euros from my account and then call me back 10 days later and tell me to go fuck myself…

PS: I’m talking about real proof, not some paper proof that anyone could fake.

You can see the process of arbitration including the proofs in this document that is cited in the whitepaper

Just for example, one way you can prove you sent the money via online banking account is by using a program called PageSigner that makes a form of screenshot of your bank’s webpage that is signed with the TLS certificate in a way and therefor cryptographically tamper-proof. That way you can prove that your online bank webpage really is showing that the funds have been sent.

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Thanks again !
Had never heard of PageSigner, but that sounds like a clever way to do it…
I should probably stop spamming the forum, get some sleep and read this white paper :slight_smile: