Question about confirming payment

I’m new to Bisq and I made my first trade. I accepted an offer with gift card as payment. I sent the gift card when prompted but it’s been 7 hours and the maker still hasn’t confirmed receipt of the e-gift card. I’m curious, what will happen they never confirm receipt? I’m a bit concerned about getting scammed. Thanks.

Hi welcome to Bisq. Sometimes traders take a while to confirm things. They might not be online all the time.

If you sent the gift card as an Amazon eGift Card you will not get scammed. If the buyer does not release payment it would go to mediation Dispute resolution - Bisq Wiki and you would likely get both the trade amount in Bitcoin and some of their security deposit.

Having both buyer and seller deposit a security amount for the trade means that both buyer and sellers are well protected for the period of the trade

Use the trading chat to communicate that the payment was sent too.

Thank you. Yes, they did release the funds. It just took them 12 hours to release funds and I was under the impression that they were online when I made the purchasee but I guess they weren’t.
I have another question. I paid like a $98 security deposit and then when the maker confirmed my payment, I only received like $50 over the amount my offer was for. In other words, I’ve lost $48 of my security deposit. How did this happen and can I fix it? Thanks.

Security deposits are locked in BTC and returned in full when the trade goes successfully. Security deposit - Bisq Wiki
Let us know the transaction ID’s (preferrably at Keybase) to look at it, but this doesn’t fail.

It looks like I just miscalculated the fees. I think we’re okay. Thanks for the help everyone.

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