Question about deposit

Hello, I’m new here and i just wanted to know what is the minimum deposit for BTC to start to buy bitcoin?

It depends on the offer, a maker can set the security deposit to what he wants.
But usually it’s 0.01 BTC for the taker (you / buyer).

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wow that’s a lot for a minimum . so is there a step by step how to setup an account with bisq?

I think that 0.0005 BTC is the minimum that a buyer can have.

Setting an account depends on your payment method and etc.
You can see some examples of the trades on Bisq’s Youtube channel

You can see examples of USD, EUR,GBP and RUB as far as I can see.

okay thanks for the help, i will be back later to ask some more questions.

also what is the most popular used payment method for US dollars?

You can see this in the app by looking at all the offers and what is listed in the Payment method column. It is Zelle for USD.

Yeah good point.
He could just open a buy offer with a tiny security deposit, I’m sure someone will take that anyway, volume seems to be going great these days!

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