Question about low volume on the Bisq network

If I use Bisq to sell 10 BTC (or any coin), and the volume is really low, that means I may not find someone to buy 10 BTC at once. Is that how it works? Or will my order get filled 1-2 BTC at a time? If someone wants to buy 2 BTC, and someone else wants to buy 3 BTC, etc?

Am I understanding this right?

You can set minimum and maximum amounts for your offer, so you can either trade small or big depending on what the taker wants.
10 BTC is too high btw, I don’t think any payment method is allowed to trade that high in Bisq for security reasons.
Even 1 BTC I believe is too high now and you can trade only smaller amounts, which I think depend on the payment method and account age.