Question about national currency account

When I create a national currency account, am I saying:
a) When I sell crypto, I can accept cash deposits made to this account at this one bank.
b) When I buy crypto, I’m willing to deposit cash into the seller’s account at this bank.
c) Both
d) other

I would have thought (a). But when I open someone else’s offer to buy bitcoin, with payment method Cash Deposit, the hover info shows me a Maker’s Bank Name. If (a) was the case, why would that information be relevant? So I’m thinking maybe I don’t understand this correctly.

I assume it is (a) as well. I guess that info on the offer is to help you decide if you want ( can ) go to that bank to make a cash deposit.

But in that case I don’t have to go to that bank, the other party has to go to my bank.

I have no idea, I am not familiar with this payment method that much. Perhaps someone else can help you out here :slight_smile: