Question about Paypal?

Hey guys. I’m a trader on HodlHodl and LocalBitcoins in Canada. I would very much like to expand to Bisq or maybe just replace LB with Bisq as one of my trading platforms.

Problem is, in Canada the most popular payment method on exchanges is e-transfers. And right now there is a big on Bisq which pretty much makes it very hard to trade with e-transfers in Canada. See here for more details:

So if I am to trade on Bisq I will need to find an alternate payment method. And I find PayPal is probably my best alternative to e-transfers.

However, Paypal has inherent risks of chargebacks and payment reversal. I believe a chargeback can be initiated within 30 days of the original payment date.

So would it be possible to tell all my buyers that if they use Psypal, I reserve the right to hold the coin in escrow for 30 days after initial payment?

If I get the buyer to agree in chat to have the coin held in escrow for 30 days, would a mediator frown upon such practice? What would happen to a trade with coin held in escrow for 30 days after payment was made?

Paypal is not accepted at Bisq because of chargeback risk, it’s too easy to do it, specially when Bitcoin is involved.
Terms for a trade are fixed Bisq with the trade protocol, to make mediator’s job easier, and also to protect traders. That creates some inconveniences, like trade limits, but it’s supposed to be for the good.

With the current protocol, after 20 days since the 1st confirmation, the traded funds could be sent from the 2of2 multisig account to the DAO address holder, to start arbitration.

About the interac e-transfer not being signed issue, perhaps the account signing requirement should be removed while it gets solved and volume gets higher. If chargebacks are so hard (impossible) to do once the CAD are deposited to BTC seller’s account,