Question about take offers


1- I clicked on an sell offer that was created with percentage.
2- I stopped at the time of send the funds. I let the take offer window opened.
3- I switched to sell window

I would like to know if bitcoin price falls and I don’t close the take offer window, will the price of the sell offer be updated too? I think it should.
I ask this, because I didn’t see the price update.

If the price do not update, I could let the take offer window opened and wait to bitcoin price fall, so I could sell “expensive”.
And who created the buy bitcoin offer, think it’s buying with the current bitcoin price.

Thanks for reporting. The price should update in the take offer screen. But the user cannot abuse that because the offerer will check on his side if the price is correct (in between a tiny range) form his point of view. If not he rejects the takers request.


I didn’t know it was possible to reject the takers request. Could you show me a printscreen of the window where this is possible?

That happens automatically, you cannot do that manually. When one takes your offer there is a handshake protocol and in the last step the offerer compare the price calculated by the market price and percentage with the one the taker sent him. If it out of a small tolerance window he rejects the take offer request. The taker gets a message that the offerer rejected his offer but don’t lose any money. He can try it again after a bit so if there was high volatility he has better chances that both sides calculated price is the same.

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