Questions about blocking onion addresses with open trades


I have a few questions about blocking onion addresses.

Will blocking an onion address affect current open trades? (e.g. will I be able to receive confirmation of payment received from the trading peer?)

Also, will blocking the trading peer’s onion address affect the arbitration process?

I’m asking this because I want to block an address to prevent him from taking my current open offers, but this particular trade haven’t been closed yet.

The “particular trade” you speak about has been already taken by the onion address you want to avoid ?

Yes, it has.

My guess is that blocking will have no influence on the taken trade. Too late.

As for the open offers, I have no idea if blocking an onion address after making an offer will work or not. Maybe it’s also too late.

Better to wait for a dev proper answer (ping @ManfredKarrer).

Ok, it’s good that it’ll have no influence on the open trade. Because I actually want the trade to proceed as normal. Just didn’t want to trade again with this particular trader.

It does not.

I also have no idea. It would be best to wait for devs to respond.
@christoph or @m52go might also have an answer if Manfred is too busy.