Questions About Failed Trade

Over the years I’ve completed about 100 trades (+/-) but I’ve never had a failed trade before.
I was the market taker in this instance, when i got the pop informing me of a failed trade it had a warning ‘you may have paid the trade fee, if you did you can ask for reimbursement’ but when i looked at the trade details there was a TXID for the maker trade fee, but the taker trade fee TXID was blank. I assume this means I did not in fact pay the trade fee?

Also, the trade is now in my failed trades folder, and the listing is back up but it seems i can no longer take the trade? why would that be and will it change, or do I need to look for a different trade?

If it’s really a failed trade, you need to move on. Check if you have paid trading fees in case you have to ask for a trading fee reimbursement.