Questions on contributors: definition, voting, etc

I have three questions regarding contributors.

  1. How do you define contributors? Is a contributor anyone who works on improving Bisq and submits a compensation request?

  2. Are arbitrators considered contributors? Will arbitrators ever submit compensation requests or will they only be compensated for their work via trading fees?

  3. Can contributors vote on their own compensation requests?


1/ yes

2/ in fact arbs are contributors. afaik, arbs don’t fill comp. request for arbitration since indeed they are payed thru trading fees. (PS: There’s a 20.000 BSQ bond required for being an arb. + the vote of stakeholders.)

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I think by contributors we mean everyone and anyone that ever contributed something to the project.
So even if you never file a compensation request, I would still consider that person a contributor if they brought something of value to the project, no matter how small.

Arbitrator’s compensation can always be automated, so there is no reason for that.
The whole DAO will be compensated via trading fees (burning of BSQ tokens) equally, but it is possible that arbitrators will get a form of an interest rate on their BSQ bond as well.

I am not sure, it is a good question. Perhaps @ManfredKarrer had some plans for this.

PS: Yes, contributors can (and do) vote on their compensation request. There is nothing wrong about that (and it would be impossible to stop them anyway).

Yes. I would limit the definition of a contributor to those who file a compensation request, though of course anyone who adds value can be seen as contributor as well. But traders even adding value are considered as those who use/benefit from the platform.

Yes, but they don’t file a compensation request atm as they get the trade fees in BTC. Once the DAO is out and the BTC trade fee is not sufficient that they get rewarded enough for their service they will file a compensation request for the remaining amount. E.g. If they earn 1000 USD by BTC fees and want to earn 4000 USD to cover their efforts, they would file a compensation request for 3000 BSQ (if 1 USD = 1 BSQ).

Yes. In fact they should, as we cannot prevent that they vote on their own requests (they can have several pseudonymous identities) it’s best that everyone take that advantage to not leave it to the cheaters only if we would have the rule to not vote on your own request.