Randomly received 26.06 BSQ

I received 26.06 BSQ from the owner of this address: B1DMq8v2vcX3TMU71DGQUBd7xttFcaXRCP6

Thanks for the BSQ though, I’m not sure why.

I wouldn’t trust it.

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One sure thing : the probability that a valid receiver address can be generated by chance is ~0.


Can’t hurt really :smiley:

@keo @Arbitrator2
If you get a dispute with that amount, the user likely sent to the wrong person.
@JohnForsyth Thanks for being so honest!


Is there a way I can quarantine those BSQ so that they don’t move? If its a dust attack, I wouldn’t want to use them or get them mixed up with the rest.

I don’t think so. You can lock them up for reputation bonding, but I don’t really see a reason to treat these BSQ any different.

afaik, what is called dust attack is with much smaller amounts.
I just wanted to point that imo this cannot be a technical error. It’s very probably a human copy/paste error. I however find it difficult to understand how such a thing could occur ?
If you are really worried about those BSQs, simply send it back to the address it came from. This way, there will be 0 information leakage possible (as far as I understand).
Or wait some hours/days, and maybe the sender will manifest himself.

Btw, was your recipient address publicly published ? as an offer ?

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Yes, I used it in a recent compensation request.

Perhaps it was a donation of sorts :slight_smile:

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Perhaps. Though, I like Huey’s stance on not trusting it. I’ll be wary for now.