Hi, I’m trying to build bisq on my raspberrypi4 but without success.
What I have done is:
$ git clone bisq
$ cd bisq
$ git checkout tags/v1.2.3.(lastest release)
$ ./gradlew build
Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:common:protobufToolsLocator_protoc’.

Could not find protoc-linux-arm_32.exe (com.google.protobuf:protoc:3.9.1).
Searched in the following locations:

I have seen that there are jars in the release to help the build on the raspberrypi
$ wget https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/releases/download/v1.2.3/jar-lib-for-raspberry-pi-1.2.3.zip
$ unzip jar-lib-for-raspberry-pi-1.2.3.zip
the last command will extract some jars in the directory build/app/lib
but running ./gradlew build still returning the same error.

I’m not a gradle or a java expert so I have no idea on how to solve this.