Really excited by this, this i got it wrong


Just to say that I think that this is a really exciting project and I haven’t seen anything like it for years (in fact nothing quite like it).

But - I offered a little bit of bitcoin in exchange for GBP and I think I screwed up up the deposit - the address is right but it’s taking a long time to go through and the screen is blurred.

Any advice?

Thanks loads :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m just in. I’m not familiar with this. I’m sorry I can’t help you.

looks like i made a rookie mistake, didn’t wait for the previous transaction to confirm and so it too too long - the good news is that i think the coin will end up in my bisq wallet so i can try again … !!

Are you talking to me? I can’t use it or download it successfully. I don’t know who can help me.

i can try try but i just cocked up my first transaction

i get the idea though

where are you up to?

Thank you my dear, I come in to downloaded to mobile phones, but the downloaded file cannot be identified, and tried to computers, but also can’t open, don’t know how to download, download there seems to be only the apple computer, Windows, without android phone links, is not completely, or how to operate? I don’t understand, I sent an email asking for help. It seems that no one helped me reply. I didn’t succeed in the afternoon. Am I too stupid?

I don’t reckon you’re stupid but there’s not loads of peer-to-peer commodities exchanges out there …

If I were you, I’d download the version for the desktop / laptop computer that you’re most comfortable with and start there :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you. You mean their software is conditional? Must match the corresponding device? I have also tried the Windows system. I don’t know why I can’t open it

Yeah, windows, linux, etc - do you use windows?

Well, I tried Windows, but it didn’t work. I wanted to download it to my phone, but it seemed more difficult.

do you have 32 bit windows or 64 bit windows as this will make a difference?

also, with something like this i tend to start with the PC version not phone/mobile/ipad version - same as with online banking and stuff - things just seem clearer

Oh, 64 bit, I feel more convenient to use the phone, if it is inconvenient to carry it with my notebook, but you are right, it is better to start from the PC.

I’m right for me - maybe completely wrong for you - don’t forget I just screwed up my first attempt at this and now I have an unconfirmed transaction sitting in my wallet :smiley: maybe you’ll have more luck first time round. I just know this is the right way to exchange.

Don’t worry about it, anyone can go wrong, for the first time you try to ask the manager here, look at how to deal with, I’ll try again tomorrow, now I am here is late at night, I want to go to bed, thank you for your advice, I’m very glad to meet you.

glad to meet you too, all the best :slight_smile:

Maybe you sent it with a low fee. Check the fee on the online block explorer and see here if it is enough . Also you should notice if the transaction is confirmed on the block explorer, if it is, then you are maybe experiencing some bug.

There is no Bisq for a moblie phone yet. It will be here eventually, but for now you can only use it on a PC. You can download it here: , just click on the 64 bit Windows download. And then click on the file once it is downloaded, the process should be straight forward from there. If you have some problem opening the file, it would be helpful to know more details about it. Like does anything pop up? Some error? Or absolutely noting at all and etc.

@alexej996 yes, I think this is exactly what I did. Don’t worry, I’ll be trying again and again until I get it right … !

Hello, ok. I’ll try. I see. Thank you::轻松: