"Reason for payment" and "Reference #" do not match up, what do I need to do?

Hey guys,

So I have a trade that is open right now that, let say the “Reason for payment” is ‘ABCDEFG’… and the “Ref #” that’s on my bank statement is, let’s say ‘TUVWXYZ’.

So since the two don’t match, is there a potential problem in terms of the person might be wanting to reverse the payment after going through? I’m using cXc.


If the message text doesnt match (completely different for example, and not a typo or case thing) definitely open a dispute.
Something is strange if the message doesnt match and by opening a dispute the arbitrator can talk to the other side and find out whats happening.
Not familiar with CxC but the same principle must apply.
Control-O i think it is to open the hidden menu to open a dispute if it doesnt allow you do to so yet.

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You should open a dispute so the arbitrator can let the other trader know to not do that in the future.
This could mean that someone else is paying for the trade, other then the initial taker of the offer, so it could be a social engineering attack on the person paying for such trade.
This shouldn’t be a problem for you unless the scamed person calls the police and gives them your banking details, then you might have to talk to the cops or/and get your bank account frozen.

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Please open a dispute. The arbitrator will verify if the sender was really the BTC buyer and in doubt we recommend a refund of the Fiat and the BTC. There are social engineering scams (never happened in Bitsquare) we want to protect against by those strict guidelines.

Hey, so I think everything turned out to be OK; but let me explain my situation so other people will know what happened.

I got a “Ref #” on my transaction that had a different code than the “Reason for payment” code that was for our Bitsquare transaction. I think the “Ref #” is just the code for the bank to keep track of. When the guy first sent the payment it was “pending” for a little while, but today it is “posted”, or confirmed. I got an email saying my SurePay payment has been received and had the code from bitsquare on the “Reason for payment”.

TL;DR: I had to wait for the payment to be confirmed by the bank for the “Reason for payment” code to show up on the transaction, for whatever reason.

Thanks anyways guys, I appreciate the feed back. I am sort of confused how I can contact the arbitrator if I did end up having a problem like this?

You can just open a dispute to contact the arbitrator.

After the trade period you get displayed a button to open a dispute. Before that you can open it with cmd+o or ctrl+o.