Reason for payment does not match

Hi!!! I just received a fiat transfer from a peer i already traded with, but in my bank receipt there is not any mention to the reason for payment showed in the traded as usual (last time I traded with him it appeared) the name matches and everything seems ok, in fact, I was due to confirm the payment until I read in another thread the need to open a dispute when this happens even though the name matches. I am hitting ctrl+o alt + o cmd+o and nothing happens.

I do not want to have my peer’s btc locked nor have any trouble for confirming,there is still 5 days till the trade ends and this is the first time it happens to me. Anyone that has the same case? In the receipt

Thanks a loot for the support , you rock!!!

Not having a description at all makes it seem like a mistake. But I’d still open a dispute just to be sure.

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Thanks a lot for the fast response !! i just did it.

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Yes opening a dispute is the right thing to do in such cases.