Reason for payment listed as BTC


I am not sure if this is posted in the correct section but if it is not then please feel free to move it.

I have made a few trades selling BTC on Bisq now and I really like the platform and the privacy that it gives me.

But yesterday I sold some more bitcoin in 3 different trades using SEPA payment method and today a payment shows up in my bank account listed as 0,0540 btc GP

Does this not kind of defeat the purpose of what we are doing here?

I do not want my bank to know that I am trading BTC so why would somebody do this?

I am really annoyed about this and I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a letter from my bank now telling me that my account is closed or something like that.

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afaik, this is completely disrespectful of the protocol.
If you are still able to open a dispute, just do it.
Also, notice of course the onion address of your counterparty and search if this already happened.
Was it an old account, or a quite new one ?

Hi Homard

Thank you for your reply.
It says that the payment account is 7 days old.

I am not sure what a dispute could do as the payment has already reached my account.
I still have not confirmed the payment as received but I am worried that if I do not and the buyer has to have their payment refunded then it will get even more attention from my bank.

I just don’t get why anybody using the bisq platform to buy or sell BTC would do this. If you did not care about your privacy then you could just open an account with an exchange.

You should definitely open a dispute. This is a serious violation of the protocol that users are well informed about.

The trade can still be completed even when the dispute is opened and the other peer can get their BTC. At least a user can be warned if not punished by losing a part of his security deposit.