Rebranding our coin

Hi, just rebuilding market for Bitcoin Clashic, was listed here as BCHC, checking to see if that’s still active, and fi we can rebrand to BCC now that Bitconnect is defunct and BCH no longer uses that ticker

According to the rules, yes.

The asset has been de-listed because it didn’t follow the minimum trade volume.

And it seems that this isn’t the first time there’s a rebranding?

BCC is actually the original ticker, but we were rebranded to BCL on cryptobridge and BCHC here because there were competing asses on the BCC ticker, but now there aren’t. So this would be a good time for us to reclaim the BCC ticker.

Mining pools are reporting a hash rate of 230 PH on the coin right now, which is very high, about 10% of BCH hash power, so there’s some renewed interest, but it is only trading OTC atm. It would be nice to get it reinstated for trading. How would we go about doing that?


Thanks. I have some idea of how this works, but not perfectly, I’ve worked a little with bitshares. Is it easier to reactivate the listing as BCHC or to create a new listing under BCC, or can the old one just be renamed? (dubious of the latter given the nature of decentralized systems)

Yeah, sorry I see that pull request, some former devs from our team were hired by cryptobridge and wanted to sync to that exchange so they suggested BCL, but our wallets have always said BCC, so we’d rather have that, now that it’s available and not being used by anyone else. Just it would make things easier for the users.

BCHC doesn’t appear in the DAO/Asset listing tab , so there is nothing to reactivate.

So you have to follow

(If you really want to be relisted, better arrange yourself to do a proper PR).