Received a fiat payment with an odd reference number

I’ve used bisq for a while now, and just today received an odd looking fiat payment. The payment in question has the correct “reason for payment” code, but includes an additional alpha-numeric reference code, and usually when I receive fiat via bisq, the reference code is blank. Additionally the name of the sender doesn’t sound like a name, or if it is its an unusual one.

I think the addition of the reference code, in addition to the “reason for payment” code, goes against the bisq protocol.

I’ve received the fiat, but I’m not sure if I should confirm or flag this one for a arbitrator to look into. There’s still a few days on the trade: should I wait for it to time out, or alt-o to involve an arbitrator now to resolve things?

I don’t see why it would go against Bisq protocol. As far as I know, as long as Bitcoin or Bisq isn’t referenced, it should be fine.

It is however a good idea to simply open a dispute whenever you are in doubt. I would open it if I were you so we can at least have that discussion with the arbitrator and determine the rules for future trades.