Received fiat but trade still "waiting until payment has started"

I have an open trade where I received the fiat payment but the “trade process” status is still “Wait until payment has started”. Obviously I didn’t get the full buyer information so I can’t confirm that those matched the transfer, but the Trade ID and the amount of the transfer matched. The trade deadline has now expired and a dispute has been opened. I’ve explained the situation in the chat and I’m sure the arbitrator will handle it.

Perhaps it would be better in such situations for sellers to be able to officially indicate that they received the money in the interface, and complete the trade (from their end).

yes, it may be an interesting (and not too complicated feature ?).
If you’re familiar with github, you could open an issue there :

Aha, yes, that’s a better place for that.

However on GitHub I am public while here I am private, so I may create a second GitHub account …

Opened issue on GitHub:

I assume there was some bug here.

Yeah, I am not sure why that stage of confirming start of payment was added.
I assume there was some reason for that. Perhaps so sellers know when to check their bank accounts for payment instead of constantly checking it. If that is the case, I guess, there shouldn’t be any reasons not to remove the requirement of pressing that button to confirm receiving the payment.