Received funds aren't showing in available balance

one week ago I was sent a small amount of bitcoin (0.03), the transaction shows in the history as received funds but it doesn’t show in my available balance, can anyone help?

If you click cmd+j you get a popup with the wallet data. There you see all transactions. You can also double check the balance with cmd+e for opening the emergency wallet tool, there the balance must match the balance of available+reserved funds. If not the internal wallet is screwed up. You could try to delete the SPV file then (see After a resync the wallet should be consistent again. If something was screwed up, better start over with a new data directory (see

I have exact the same problem.
Bisq 1.1.2

  • Transaction is confirmed in bisq , sending wallet and block-explorer
  • I deleted the SPV file
    Still not showing up as available balance.
    New data directory and rebuild wallet from seed words ?

Try using cmd+e to withdraw your coins first.