Received Zelle payment, but cannot confirm it on Bisq

As a seller, I received the zelle payment,
taker confirmed via chat that the button “confirm payment” was pressed.
Now passwd the timeout period, opened a dispute, but no moderator is picking it up (after 24h and waiting)

-using bisq 1.3.7

I think this has been handled on Keybase.
Keep trying and wait for moderation response, and if I’m wrong and you weren’t on Keybase, try to contact your moderator there.

I am stuck on the side that acknowledged step 3, but the seller didn’t get step 3 complete. I suggested that he restart bisq and see if it resync’s the transaction. My trade partner did get the payment.

@PETR if the trade does not go through, mediation can be opened!

Be aware that mediators may take upto 48 hours to respond.

Just to give a feedback on the outcome of the ticket.

  • Yes I got help directly through the keybase moderation
  • Yes the moderator eventually got involved and suggested a resolution.

Basically the moderator had proposed that I (the seller) keep the zelle payment and get back my btc deposit, the buyer would receive the btc and his deposit.
That’s basically what should have happened if the “3- confirm payment received” was available.

Unfortunately, the buyer is not reachable anymore and the trade is slowly going to arbitration, but that’s a different story…

overall, I am satisfied with the outcome but just want to give some constructive criticism;

  • it seems to me, I shouldn’t need to hunt for the moderator on this forum and on keybase,
    keep in mind that the average user is not familiar with digging into a json contract to find the onion address of a moderator and look for him on keybase etc…

  • With the trades that I do on Bisq, there is an estimated 10% chance of that 3rd step not going through instantly:
    In other words, the buyer, confirms the payment but as a Seller, i’m still stuck at step 2 (Wait until payment started).
    the message is eventually relayed when the “refresh trade state” button appears miraculously after a while.
    This may take up to 24hours stall and gives a bad impression to the buyer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bisq project, I think the idea is UNIQUE and is the only acceptable Trade platform which solves the KYC question.
That’s why I keep using it and will support it all the way.

I hope the coders will see this as a constructive criticism and pay attention at this bug.


Hey Scuba,

I am not a mediator but I tend to agree with your feedback regarding tracking down the mediator’s onion address/keybase username. Ideally everything should be accomplished via the Bisq app but due to some failure in connection the messages may not be received.

Perhaps making that information more readily available to the user would be a good idea (i’ll explore this and open an issue if necessary)

Btw, how long did you wait for an answer? Mediators can take up to 48 hours before replying.

I waited a bit more than a day after the expiration of the trade.
I personally had no problem waiting, It’s the buyer who started worrying about his money and started asking me to pay him back which would confuse everything.
In this trade, the moderation was really not needed, the issue was more technical and related to an intermittent bug with the interface.

I think the demand and popularity on Bisq will be very high in the near future because of it’s unique decentralized design.
This said, the designers should now focus on a frictionless experience as much as possible.

I’ve seen a comment from Wiz about an upcoming bisq-cli.
I’m very excited about it because it would allow us to move away from a monolithic gui design and focus on the core of the trade and accounting operation.