Receiver address not valid

I just sold some XMR over Bitsquare. But the XMR address seems to be invalid. Since I am not a specialist on XMR I am not really sure about it. Here is the output of my local XMR simplewallet:

[wallet -------]: transfer 9yK2DTga14chA3kvNDKcHnQWw9FHnsK5g25v4pvLeC7aKyJQ43GuN5713n2xwurGHxFBwGP9FanmWA88uCWbmzZZ4XcdSZe 0.33
Error: wrong address: 9yK2DTga14chA3kvNDKcHnQWw9FHnsK5g25v4pvLeC7aKyJQ43GuN5713n2xwurGHxFBwGP9FanmWA88uCWbmzZZ4XcdSZe

since Monero is anonymous on its blockchain even checking it on does not help much:

Shame on you!
There is no such thing as 9yK2DTga14chA3kvNDKcHnQWw9FHnsK5g25v4pvLeC7aKyJQ43GuN5713n2xwurGHxFBwGP9FanmWA88uCWbmzZZ4XcdSZe in Monero’s blockchain!

So what can I do?

You can open a support ticket by pressing ctrl+o or cmd+o.
Then the arbitrator can check with the peer and close the case. Sec. deposit will get returned in such cases.

ok - buyer confirmed that his XMR address was invalid in a arbitration process and I got my security fee back

but what is with the order fee - that seems to be sucked by the system even it was not my fault?

Yeah, the order fee is gone. It’s used to cover transaction fees and as spam protection. Post a btc address and I’ll reimburse you if you want.

thank you: 1BW8PDyqvewgVPb4ncmp11XRdxX9tk6ixR

maybe in cases like this the order fee should be paid by the trader who makes the failure.

Anyways - the more I get involved with Bitsquare I must really say its a nice peace of software
If you need arbitrators you can sign me up

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you refunded me 0.001 instead of 0.0005
I will forward the difference to the donation address of Bitsquare