Recover from an accidentally snapshot restore

I’ve install the bitsquare to a linux virtual machine.
I made a btc buy order which successfully confirmed and also the funds deposited to a new bitsquare wallet address.
But for bad luck, I made a snapshot restore.
Now I see the buy order is still pending for payment arrival confirmation and of course the new address with the btc doesn’t exist.

Is there any way to recover the wallet from the words seed ?
and how to terminate the open trade ?

Thank you

So you have an older version where the btc address used in the trade is not active. We use HD wallet so the address is there but it is not assigned to the trade. I fear I need to hack a bit to get your situation fixed. I am on vacations now with bad internet so I cannot do that before I am back about 5.10. I will PM you for further instructions.

coming from
i just tried this and was able to XFER half of my coins off, i believe the half that were not on orders so i am less worried now. however, will my support ticket and the other orders and offers i had open ever refresh for me? or do i have to wait for them to time out? thanks