Recover my Litecoins

Hi there:
I’m New Here,
I’ll transfer yesterday litecoins from coinbase, when I tryed to make a Backup in Bisq, all gone again to 0.00, How can recover my litecoins? this is the transaction string:


You should make sure first that you set Litecoin as a base currency for Bisq, as Bitcoin is the base currency by default.
Bisq’s internal wallet can only hold the base currency, so hopefully you didn’t use it wrong.
It would be useful if you provided some more details on exactly what was done to produce the issue.

Thank You for your time, Yes I’m sure Litecoin as a base currency

This ocurr when I click on upper right corner account, then set my password then go to wallet seeds in order to make a copy (freeze at this time), so when I reestablish my app, litecoins available balance get back to 0.00 . How can recover my litecoins?

after few days still my lytecoins disapear, o.oo remains there on [my Funds]. how can transfer these lytecoins to freewallet, please help me, It is about 70.00 US dlls. I don’t want to loose it.

You should be able to use emergency wallet tool with cmd+e.
Don’t worry, you can always recover all the private keys from your Bisq wallet, it is just that there is often no need for that.

can somebody to help me to send it to LU2D3DfFRXMFgVdrpVHdEDL4xitaHJNQLB

because even if I click several time to send it , nothing happens.


You might want to try deleting the SPV file first and restarting the app. You can find that option in the Settings.

Well, I already delete SPV and nothing works fine here, This is a MacBook pro, I don’t use Windows, maybe SPV works quite different here, I tryed again and again. but bad luck.

Maybe you will have to then just export the private keys. You can do this by removing the password from you wallet, restarting the app and pressing alt+j.

I already removed password i get all seeds, private key but nothing get back litecoins, all menains in 0.00, something is really wrong here
LTC Wallet:
Address entry list:
AddressEntry{offerId=‘null’, context=ARBITRATOR, address=null}
AddressEntry{offerId=‘null’, context=AVAILABLE, address=null}
AddressEntry{offerId=‘null’, context=AVAILABLE, address=null}

Wallet containing 0.00 BTC (spendable: 0.00 BTC) in:
0 pending transactions
0 unspent transactions
0 spent transactions
0 dead transactions

Have you imported the private keys in your external litecoin wallet?
And those private keys simply don’t have any LTC on it? That would be really weird.

It is possible that Bisq isn’t showing the right balance for some reason, but the private keys should hold those coins so you should be able to move them when you import them in another wallet.

thank you for the help, regards

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So Again, I was downloaded all my private keys, then this take me 2 days to clean up and leave only after WIX= T54wXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, then I used Electrum to import try import my private keys

then I download the fresh Bisq-0.6.3 and install it. everything here remain in 0.00

My first transaction from coinbase says:

all looks fine:

but its unable to recover my Litecoins, can my arbitror return to my coinbase ??


Something looks wrong here, Why is there no LTC addresses in the bisq receive funds screen. How do you know which LTC address to send to?

I am not sure what is going on here.
Have you successfully imported your private keys in your external wallet?

I never heard of Electrum-LTC, perhaps you should download their Core wallet as i think their blockchain doesn’t take long to sync as it is quite small.

that’s why I tell you that something does not work in this program, it has nothing to do with blockchain, but with the program itself, can the arbitrator return to coinbase my litecoins?

Did you see an address their previously? Is that the same address you sent LTC to? Why are you not testing new/beta software with small amounts first?

Yes, I could see my adress and the one who charged the mining, then when I tried to make the backup, everything went to 0.00

I have no idea sorry. If you got the private keys correctly from bisq and imported correctly to other wallet I don’t understand why it wouldn’t show.
Maybe there are others with ideas?