Recovering seedwords from a corrupted Bisq install, with no network connection

On Windows, Im in a situation where bisq doesnt get past setting up tor links. resetting the Tor config isnt currently helping and the GUI doesnt allow to do anything except reset Tor, or shutdown. So I cant get to the wallet seedwords in the gui. Is there a method to start it in a mode that allows emergency access to the seedwords, and even (hopefully) the export functions, for account aging and trading history, and FIAT accounts, or some CLI to extract them without being connected to the network? I have the password.

The issue you’re having doesn’t look like a corrupted Bisq install but a connectivity issue.
Try to connect to Tor through your PC, and also if possible another internet connection.

I don’t know how to do what you propose, but I’m quite sure it’s possible. Using the seedwords should only be used in case of emergency, and there are still ways to make your Bisq instance work. First, make sure to copy somewhere else your Bisq folder, as without the seed that’s the only way to recover your funds.

If you still can’t connect to your Bisq wallet, please go to Keybase