Recurring locked btc from seller on buy-offers I take

Hi, I have only done 2 trades with Bisq so far ( as Taker for 2 Buy offers ) Bisb v1.2.7 ( Mac OS 10.15.3 Catalina ) and on both occasions, the seller’s Btc was not released even though seller confirmed fiat receipt (zelle-usd) from my end. The transaction ID never displayed the ‘confirmed’ checkmark.
On both trades we had to open a support ticket and a mediator eventually solved it. The seller has made 30+ trades without experiencing this, except with me.
I would like to find out what could be wrong on my end, if any, so I don’t have these issues on future trades.
Additionally, because of this issue I have not been able to get signed.
Should i provide the Trade IDs here for investigation or what’s the best approach from here?
Thank you

If this ever happens again, you should ask the other trader to REFRESH TRADE STATE to try to fix it.

Got it, thanks for the feedback. I assume that “Refresh Trade State” button did not appear for me because I was the the buy-offer Taker.
I appreciate your help

Yes, if my understanding is correct, this is reserved to the btc-seller.

Thanks Huey, we did another trade to try this out and the BTC seller did do the “Refresh Trade State” when it appeard ( 24 hours after BTC seller confirmed my fiat payment ) but it did not solve the issue. We had to go to mediator. This has happened to me with this particular trader 3 times already. It has not happened with other traders.

This seems to be an issue of the other trader. Please tell them to reach out to the #support channel on the Bisq Keybase Team so they can share more details and potential logs with either a Support Agent or the Mediator.

Thanks for responding Huey, I will do that. If it helps, when this issue happens ( Edit: For me ) it is only with USD trades, not with the Euro trades I do. One of the btc-sellers told me that, upon trying to confirm he had received my payment, Bisq was not allowing him to confirm payment received. He got an error about “…unable to find peer’s witness.”

The last trade in which we observed this issue, the BTC seller already created a support ticket

I’m using Bisq v1.2.7
Network version: 1; P2P message version: 10; Local DB version: 1; Trade protocol version: 2