Reeds betaald zonder blochchainconfirmatie en waarborgen zijn nog geblokkeerd

trade ID: bpOmUl.
Mediator: leo816 (a56olqlmmpxrn5q34itq5g5tb5d3fg7vxekpbceq7xqvfl3cieocgsyd.onion:9999)

After accepting the offer to buy, I never received confirmation to pay.
As a result, I did not pay this until the mediator intervened. The mediator ordered the payment and the counterparty acknowledged receipt of the cash. The dispute has been closed since 16 February. The deposit is still blocked. I am still waiting for this trade dispute to be settled.

You can contact leo816 at Keybase
If there was a mediator suggestion and you have accepted it, it requires that your peer accepts it as well. Try to contact your peer through trading chat. Dispute resolution - Bisq Wiki