What is the current status of the Refund Agent? Are they going to remain in the role or exit.

Has the role been replaced by a new person?

Why did the role change names?

Thanks for the information.

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They’re still active

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Thank you. How will we be notified when the Arbitrator leaves and the DAO takes over this role?

Is that still the plan?

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That’s a good question. I think it’d be best to ask them directly.


The Refund Agent appears to be too busy to share their plans.

Do you have any more information on this role going forward?

Also, why isn’t THE REFUND AGENT or Arbitrator listed in client DAO BONDING?

Thank you.

Refund agent doesn’t touch any funds. He pays with it’s own funds to traders once the traded funds go to the DAO address and then claims to get the funds back in BSQ, with a reimbursement request.
This role doesn’t carry risk for the DAO, as he advances the funds and then claims for compensation, so it’s not necessary to put up a bond.

There was an attempt to remove the arbitrator role, I think new attempts to improve the current protocol will be made.

Funds are NOT sent to a “DAO” address. They are sent to the Burningman.
All roles should require a BOND.
This protocol needs fixing.

Keep up the good work. The great AWAKENING has begun.

So the Refund Agent is staying? For how long?