Refund BSQ genesis donations

As I had issues with funds in cold storage from the Bisq donation address before the DAO launch (Trezor update failed and I did not had access to the seed words - now it is recovered) we asked contributors to fund to the Bisq donation address so that we had enough funds for the genesis transaction.
As I have now recovered the cold storage I am in the process to send back the BTC donated from those contributors.
If you have helped out back then, please PM me the tx ID and the address where you want to receive back the funds. I will send from the donation address the funds back.

The donations for funding the DAO genesis tx are now refunded to those who reported their receive address.

Tx ID: acb21132d56302b84b32271c3bbc5accc27dc49ceb51d04f6a6b97441f09b6ec

I added just before the DAO launch from my wallet more and refunded it here to myself:

I think there are still at least 3 contributors who have not contacted me with sending an address where to refund them:

  • Pedro
  • Oscar
  • huey735

Please send me your address where you want to receive the refund.

Refunds are documented here:

Refund to Oscar is done. Pedro is still missing. huey735 is OK to leave it as donation.

I sent the remaining 21.72463485 BTC to a cold wallet.
Tx ID: 1b92f72f2012cd52d894d61486e3ea65f2fd76f677c59d424683aadef893d4d0

Open refund to Pedro will be done from hot wallet donation address.