Release my btc from closed trade!

I am a seller, I had a cash buyer on Dec 11, 2016 who didn’t pay so I opened a dispute, The dispute was decided in my favor and closed on Dec 19 but my 1.02 btc is still showing as part of my Locked in Trades balance and I cannot get it back. The trade ID is d962f078-9f30-44d0-a8c6-6108bf5416dd and arbitrator pkfcmj42c6es6tjt.onion:9999

It’s bad enough I had to wait 8 days for a dispute to be resolved due to a flake buyer not paying, now I can’t get my btc back?

I just looked at the case. the tx is confirmed and already spent. Seems you withdrew it or used it for another trade. If the UI displays it in the locked funds its a bug. If so please send me a screenshot by email of the transactions and trade details of the disputed trade.

Thanks for the fast reply, what is your email address to send the screenshots to? I’ll send you my history too, yes the UI displays it in the locked funds…

manfred at bitsquare dot io