Reminder: Always verify senders bank account data!

Please be reminded to verify that the sender’s bank details match EXACTLY the Fiat payment account details presented in the trade process. In case of any mismatch - even tiny - open a dispute with cmd+o.

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My bank does not give the ISBN Sepa number of the transmitter out. They say they do not do that for privacy reasons. I could tell more about the reason and how I justified my request. If interested.

If your bank does not show you from which IBAN the money was sent, then change the bank.

I have 3 home banks that do not release the ISBN of the sender. That is Germany! How is it with the other colleagues?

Are you buying books or why are you always referring to ISBN? Can you please let us know what bank it is?

Sorry it’s the IBAN number. When you make a transfer, specify the IBAN of the recipient. This does not see the IBAN of the sender. At the same time, the recipient banks do not check if IBAN and name match. For me this is the Volksbank, Sparkasse and Comdirect. Do not ask me what I think about it.

Postbank does not do that either. Here a link. Possibly translate from Google.

Of course, I would like to have a bank that displays the sender IBAN.

Banks are working hard to become un-usable. Verifying the senders IBAN is essential otherwise triangular scams cannot be prevented. I would argue we cannot support such banks or if you use it you take considerable extra risk.

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Even if you print out the bank statement? Usually in the bank statements at lesast they show the IBAN from sender. I thought it was market standard that evry bank would show the IBAN from the sender. Seems very strange and risky

Sparkasse and Comdirect no! I will look at Volksbank tomorrow.

Do I ask BaFin? Just have to think of one more formulation.
Sorry for the bad translation. Is all Google. With my English, you would run away.

Remember, if the bank wants you to transfer your money back to them you say: It can not be done because it will cause me an economic loss in the sum back. It seems to be a referral fraud. This was caused because the IBAN was not verifiable and additionally a fraud report to the sender was prevented.

I have already found a bank. Fidor! Maybe one should mention with help or hints that not every bank displays the sender IBAN in the advertisement and in the account statement ?! It is important if you want to receive money. For your own safety. Maybe it is already in the help and I have not seen it.