Removing the need to be constantly online

I’m still discovering this wonderful project. Very slick. Love the GUI.
My question is about the alternatives we could have to make a trade which is constantly online, even when the computer is offline that is to say.

I think about other projects, based on P2P where the devs are trying to circumvent this problem.
The Bitcoin network of course, works like that (you don’t have to keep the connection as long as one node has received the transaction).
I think also about other TOR based programs like uTOX. (Your correspondent can add your nickname to their buddy list even if you’re offline, and as soon as you connect, you receive a notification).

It would be probably a great asset to this project if there was even an option to do that.

Thanks for your input. Glad to hear you like the project!

Only the offerer need to be online, otherwise a taker cannot take his offer (it gets removed when he gets offline and reattached when he goes online again).
In the trade process there is no requirement to stay online. Messages are stored in the P2P network similar to mailbox messages. When a peer goes online and a mailbox message is pending he will process that message.
The reason that the offerer need to be online is because in the take-offer process there are several messages exchanged and the MultiSig deposit transaction is created. To handle that with mailbox messages would be too slow, and you don’t have a guarantee when the offerer comes online again, so the taker would have locked up long time his funds for the offer.

Though there is on interesting idea how to make it possible that the offerer can be offline, but that needs more thought and time to check all aspects. The offerer could publish with the offer a pre-signed deposit transaction with ANYONE_CAN_PAY sighash flag. But as said there are a few complexities to be considered to see if that will work.

Unfortunatley there are so many othere important things to do, so that feature cannot be explored soon and would introduce considerable effort as it changes the core trade protocol.

Thanks a lot for your thoughts Manfred!
I wasn’t thinking in fact about making the transaction offline (which implies the modifications of the core trade protocol that you’ve pointed out) but only the list of offers:

"it gets removed when he gets offline and reattached when he goes online again"
What do you think guys about making your offer, having to disconnect at some time, but that a potential buyer still sees your offer anyway? Granted, he needs you to be online when the effective transaction is done.

If the offer is visible but the offerer not then a taker might want to take it but cannot as the trade protocol requires that atm. I think it is better to have only that visible what is available.
But a web mirrow of all offer would be good to have. One dev has started to work already on a API to make the public data of Bitsquare available for web based services.

That would be great! I hope to see the development of this.