Reputation System

Hi all,
while i was cooking some good food i thought about what is the next step to get Bitsquare more adopted by people. Well i dunno but i guess i read already something about it, sadly i cannot find the topic anymore.

How far is Bitsquare with this function ? This could make Bitsquare go viral, its a essential function on an exchange.

Thank you for the great work and constantly improving it !

Hope Users soon will see the real potential.

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There is a small number sometimes displayed on top of another users icon. I have yet to understand exactly what that means… Number of past trades I have had with that user? I think that would be (or is) a useful feature. In addition, it would be useful if the total number of trades finalizes by that user and the percent disputed trades (“reputation”) would also be displayed (e.g. on mouse hover along with the onion address).


Yes and if you click it you can edit it with a tag (any info u like to attach), on mouse over is a tooltip with info as well…

Can you explain the Reputation used in Bitsquare a bit more detailed ? I think there should be a easy Reputation like (1|0|1) (positive|neutral|negativ) green,grey,red that would be the best reputation system i guess… so you could see everything you need to see (ebay like)

Thanks for the information !

Nice @ManfredKarrer! I didnt know that option existed. Also, I see the mouse hover text clearly states “You have already traded X times with that offerer”. What about adding in the other info too? i.e. total number of trades by that offerer (with anyone) and the percent trades involving that offerer which ended in a dispute.


I’ve not used this enough to know, but in LBC I like that it highlights low value trades i.e. more successful high value trades gives me confidence.

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No. This isn’t ebay and that system didn’t work there either.

The current “reputation system” is based on local individual data only, meaning you get info only about your trades, not if a user has traded with others. That data was already in the app so I just made them visible in the UI.
To add support for a global reputation system carries some issues. It might give reputation a factor for security which shoud not be the case because it is never safe (sybil, long con) and it is not needed (the 3 existing security layers are sufficient: sec. deposit, multisig, arbitrator). It also conflicts with anonymity/privacy. Reputation without identity is very weak (sybil). So I am not convinced yet if it makes sense to go in that direction but we will see.
If you say it can be optional, it might lead to a situation like in LBCT where you might be able to add an offer without being verified, but nobody takes it, or the price tag is so high that it becomes not attractive.

Is there a way to transfer reputation or remove limits without having to wait 6 months? My account in Localbitcoins is +7 years old and I’m moving to Bisq now. Trade limits are bothering me since I have to open a bunch of small trades, increasing my fees.

I have the impression that I should continue in Localbitcoins and return after 6 months to start using Bisq.

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No, @Bokehman, at the moment there’s no way to import reputation from third parties.