Request: Boolberry [BBR]

I was unable to post in this in the request thread due to a 500 internal server error.

  • Ticker symbol: BBR
  • Official coin name Boolberry
  • Official altcoin webpage where Bitsquare will be added as official exchange:
  • URL of the block explorer:
  • Example address:
  • Confirmation that you have checked that the ticker does not conflict with en.wikipedia org/wiki/ISO_4217
  • Social media accounts like Twitter account, subreddit, etc.:
    bitcointalk dot org /index.php?topic=577267.0
    **/r/boolberry **
    twitter @BoolberryBBR

Link restrictions prevent me from posting full links. Boolberry is a cryptonote based coin for implementation use XMR as a reference.

Boolberry is a CryptoNote coin right? If so you need to have a similar tool like Monero ( to make it possible for the Boolberry sender to proof his payment in case of a dispute.
If Boolberry does not have such a tool we cannot add it unfortunately because the arbitrator could not solve the dispute because the blockchain does not show the transaction with the sender and receiver addresses.

If the transaction can be traced to the recipient in the sender’s GUI, would that work? This is the case for BBR right now

No, as that cannot be verified by the arbitrator. A screenshot is not a proof as it can be easily photoshopped…
It needs the same featues like Monero is offering to make it possible.

Hello @ManfredKarrer we are working on these requirements. Will update you as soon as they are finished.

Hello @ManfredKarrer we have finished Bisq requirements for Boolberry. We should have the checktx website up within next 24 hours.

Hello @ManfredKarrer the BBR arbitration tool is now online -

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So with that tool the arbitrator can verify the sending of BBR, similar like it is at monero, right? Are there requirement on the wallet the user uses? please check out the warnign text we use for monero when u set up an account and let me know if all is similar or different. Best would be if you can deliver a text, I am not BBR expert…

Hi @ManfredKarrer. Yes, that’s correct. The tool works the same in design to Monero. Users will need to compile the latest source otherwise the viewkey won’t be available. We’re busy compiling new GUI wallets for the various operating systems for the non technical user.


  1. Change XMR to BBR
  2. url to
  3. and there is no store-tx-info flag users just need to be using latest version after this commit

BTW minergate blockexplorer has been offline since May. Here is working explorer

Is there a PR for the altcoin validation and tests?

We need a PR like described here:

We’re working on the PR.