[Request] - Cerium Token


WEBSITE -You can reach our Twitter, Telegram group, Roadmap and more information from our website


I am Bozdag Mahsum, the developer of Cerium Token. We wish to list our token on Bisq.

We are a growing community and we are aiming big Markets on future.

We are active developers and working hard on our project.

Token Name: Cerium Token
Ticker: Cerium
Maximum Total supply: 10 billion Cerium

Cerium Contract Adress: 0x8183dc52ce1cff90eba453c4a450f3d2d98f0ee3

Cerium contact: contact@ceriumtoken.com (AVALAIBLE from 10th February)

Reddit page, and bitcointalk announcement will be released soon.

We have contacted to Etherscan and sent them all informations to update Cerium Token on Etherscan.



Follow these instructions to add your token to Bisq