Request: code walkthrough video

It would be great if you could find some time to create a video explaining how you’ve structured the codebase; what all the parts do, and how they interact.
Having the author explain some of the design decisions and constructs will I think help a lot in fostering input and PRs from the community to make this great program even better.

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Or at least a layman’s guide to the code directories & files … the project structure.
Put it in the wiki so it can evolve as the codebase does.

Yeah would be definitely great to have! Unfortunately I am very busy so don’t know when I can do that. But will try to squeeze it in!

I’ve worked on dozens of open source projects. Documenting the code was not a priority in any of them.

I’ll leave it to the reader to figure out why.

Yes, one reason is that docs usually lack behind the code, or it is a lot of effort to keep them well maintained and then put a burden on code improvements/refactorings because it means more work.
Another is that it is not a library but an application. So there are no external “users”.
Also if code does not speak by itself clearly enough it is a sign that it should be refactored (sure many parts needs improvements though). But I hope/assume it is not terrible bad because at least 4 devs have dived more or less deep into the code base and done significant work and did not had problems, basically they nearly did not need my support at all. That does not mean that I think the code is anything near to the optimal state, but it seems it is good enough in the context of the situation (no funding, a lot of work and few devs).