Request for Alts purchase via Zelle

I’m sure I’m not the first, and I certainly appreciate the amount of altcoin integration already implemented - but it sure would be nice to straight up purchase altcoins with fiat via zelle.

A base currency is always required for trading in Bisq, in order to lock funds away in multisig escrow. Current base currencies include BTC, LTC and DASH. We will never support arbitrary altcoin-USD trading, via Zelle or any other payment method, because without a base currency and multisig escrow involved, there is no way to implement Bisq’s trading protocol.

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I see, thanks for the response. In that case, is there any chance we will see incorporation of Ether as a base currency in the near future?

Ether does have multisigs as far as I am aware. So it is very possible, it is just that it will take some development effort as it is quite different than Bitcoin.

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