Request on cooperation (enabling anonymous trading experience)

Hey BISQers, it’s incognick from Incognito and I’m not just surfing the forum for fun. I’m here on a decisive and direct purpose - it’s about cooperation, integration, partnering, and growth together for BISQ and Incognito.

A short intro about Incognito could sound as:

Incognito protocol allows to store, transfer, trade assets, and invest in crypto anonymously. It’s a layer 2 (L2) privacy solution based on 3 pillars.

  1. Privacy: Ring Signature, Confidential Transactions, Stealth addresses;
  2. Scalability: POS, Sharding;
  3. Interoperability: Non-custodial bridging;

The straightforward idea behind the intention for integration:

Looking for the forum’s spotlight community requests for a privacy term returned ‘286 results for privacy’ search output. So, there’s a connection between our projects. What if to have a solution that enables private trading and improves anonymous performance for BISQ traders by integrating with Incognito?

For instance, integrating we can:

  • to encrypt wallet balances
  • to hide transaction history
  • to dissociate trading data with wallet addresses
  • to encrypt Liquidity data

With all that written above to make sense move forward, I kindly ask everyone reading this post not to pass by and share your opinion about the demand for privacy improvements on BISQ.

Answering to those questions might help us understand your perception of a privacy need but not limit the range of possible topics to discuss in comments:

  1. How do you feel about the demand for more private features on BISQ exchange?

  2. In your opinion, can Incognito be an exact solution that responds to the request for anonymous trading (liquidity providing) experience on BISQ?

  3. What else can be helpful for you to understand more about how incognito can be integrated into BISQ?

PS: Dear @ManfredKarrer, I’ll highly appreciate your input on a possible scenario for cooperation in terms of integrating solutions for decentralized private trading features by Incognito to BISQ. Also, I’m asking if we can have a quick call to discuss opportunities for both projects in person. To book a call with me you can use this link or reach me via Thanks in advance.

BISQ as a project is open source, transparent governance, Bitcoin based. As a product it has great privacy, in fact privacy is its key tenet. Bisq also has a fantastic reputation.

What you seem to be selling is the opposite of Bisq, namely something shady, closed source, obscure and not Bitcoin based.

Sorry, not interested.

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Can you post some concrete tech docs how your system works?


Hey @chimp1984, let’s start with this page → Incognito Whitepaper: Incognito Mode for Cryptonetworks

I’d be glad to answer your questions.

Hi @incognick I had a bit of a look into the whitepaper and project. I did not had time to fully read it, but got some impression. Sounds like an interesting project. As it contains its own dex what do you have in mind regarding cooperation?