Request! Step by step instructions to buy a cryptocurency using conventional curencies

I have read a lot about those crypto currencies, but apparently acquiring some is not an easy task.

I am new to this world of trades and I would like someone to explain to me in a step by step description how can I buy LEND or XML using my credit/debit card in euros.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

You can’t trade in Bisq with credit/debit cards as it poses a chargeback risk.
Instead you will have to use bank transfers and cash deposits.

Documentations and tutorial videos are currently being worked on for Bisq, but you can find some old tutorials on YouTube (Bisq was once called Bitsquare).

hi. :sweat_smile: I did not exactly understand your doubt. Do you want to buy exactly the coins you mentioned with euros? Did you already buy and have some bitcoin, or never bought a crypto coin? :slight_smile: