Request trade cancel

With Bitcoin price reaching new ATH, I hit my bank wire daily limit which is 3000 €/day . Therefore I cannot send the required amount to the seller.

I know I might lose the 0.03 BTC, so big up to the seller who hodled thanks to my f***ing banksters…

Trade references :
0,50 BTC @ 3340,85 €

Sorry for the inconvenience

If the trade doesn’t complete successfully, either of the traders can open a dispute.
You bitcoins will not go anywhere without a dispute where you will be contacted by the arbitrator.

Arbitrator might understand and you could get your security deposit back.
Don’t worry, this is what human arbitrators are for. They handle unforeseen issues.

Go and finish that trade the best you can and you will be contacted by the other arbitrator if things don’t go well.
You could even open a dispute in the middle of the trade by pressing cmd+o.

Good luck!

Oh I forgot about arbitrators ! I might not use Bisq often enough…
Thank you alexej996 !