Requested The Dollar Vigilante take a look at BitSquare

I’m a Dollar Vigilante subscriber and in the May issue of The Dollar Vigilante they wrote an article about Ethereum and The DAO. They have been a long-time proponent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
In the May issue, Jeff Berwick wrote an article titled “Simple FX: Bitcoin­Based Stock, Futures
and Currency Trading”. As I read that article I thought it would be great if they could write a similar article on BitSquare, so I sent them an email suggesting the idea.

The Dollar Vigilante is all about promoting self-sufficiency, individual liberty, and I thought introducing that community to BitSquare would be a great fit.

I’ll update this post when I hear back from the Dollar Vigilante.


I heard back from Jeff Berwick and he asked if I would like to write the article and send it to them for possible publication. I informed Jeff that I would do so.


This is great, Thanks!

I have created an article for promotional purposes provided below:

I put in under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License so that it can be widely shared.
My goal is to allow anyone to republish the article free of charge so that we can get the word out on Bitsquare. Feel free to share the article widely. If anyone wants to translate it, feel free.

I sent an email (with a link to the article) to Bitcoin Magazine and CoinDesk to see if they would republish in their respective mediums. My goal is to “get-the-word-out” and let everyone know how great Bitsquare is!



Counter-party risk is not eliminated! Who’s to force someone to fulfill an agreed obligation if one isn’t able/willing. But its not for free.

You are right, I will correct this.
Thank you for your feedback!

I placed the article (in PDF form) on IPFS. Here is the link:

Thanks a lot! Very well written article!

I am very happy to see such activities as it enables a wider “translation” as I could do alone with my personal view/talents/opinions/style/network. That is exactly what the idea of Swarmwise is about!

A short feedback:

The “fully distributed arbitration system” is not in place yet but on the roadmap.

Regarding: “I live in the USA and as a result, trading fiat currency with Bitsquare is problematic due to the regulatory resistance to free exchange”: What are the problems? We have added national bank transfer (which will need more input to make it safer as ACH is very risky regading chargeback asaik and WIRE is very expensive as far i heard, so we will add prob. cash deposit in future, but would need more input which fiat payment methods are best suited for the US).

I have a contact at Bitcoin Magazine and will forward it also, they are open for guest articles.

Thanks again for the great write up!


if you could point me to the media contacts list I could approach some of them if you feel that’s ok.

I would also post this to reddit, bitcointalk and so on as I think it’s important to stay on the map until Bitsquare gains some more traction.

Thanks again Doug, great work!


Your welcome. It pales in comparison to your work delivering BitSquare to all of us! I will assist where I think I can add value.

Thank you.

Hi Marc,
good idea!
Here is the link:
I sent you an invite.


I’ve sent the article to about 30 news outlets. Let’s see who’s interested.

Great thanks!
The first publication:

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CoinReport just published a revised version of the article. They specifically requested some changes and I accommodated.

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Cool! Great thanks!
Added both articles here:

Hey! Did TDV end up publishing this? I can probably help make that happen as well as an interview when the time is right.


No. I sent the article to Berwick but never heard back from anyone.

I’ll work on it.

He lives literally like 20 minutes away. I was on his show talking about Ethereum and The DAO, like 3 weeks ago.

I’mna try to get on his show and talk about Bitsquare in the next few days.

Cheers! Go bug him on social media just in case.



Yea, I saw that video. You did a great job!

It would be fantastic if you can inform TDV listeners of the benefits of Bitsquare.

Tell Berwick and his listeners that Bitsquare is an exchange that supports the founding principles that Bitcoin was designed on. Decentralization, privacy, P2P value transfer where most other exchanges people use don’t abide by those core principles.

Tell him that true anarcho-capitalists wouldn’t be caught dead using a centralized exchange when they could use Bitsquare!