Requesting information on Bisq for a report on DAOs that we are publishing.


My name is David, I am co-authoring a report on DAO’s with George Samman.

We wish to include reference to DAOs in the appendix with links to their websites and want to include a 1-2 sentence (30-50 word) description of Bisq for the paper.

Who is the best person to contact regarding this please.

@m52go, better at keybase.

Maybe this covers your needs:

Hi MM,

I appreciate the links.

Unfortunately, we’ve taken the decision that we are only able to include 30-50 words, provided by team members, for projects.

The reason for this for several reasons. 1. is that we do not wish to misinterpret, and therefore misrepresent a project, based on what we do and do not include in a description. 2. In many instances so far we have noticed that the descriptions provided differs greatly from what is on the websites, medium articles and youtube channels. Again. We do not wish to misrepresent projects - this is why we ask for a 30 word description of the project directly from team. It’s out decision that we would rather not promote a project than misrepresent it.

I hope you understand.

If you can help put us in contact with someone that can provide this information before Saturday, this would be great. As we are sending the report to designers and publishing after that.

Much appreciate you help and understanding.

I can be best contacted at

Thanks again

@Monsters I just sent you an email.