Rescuing funds from old Bitsquare Offer

I have an old Bitsquare installation (Ubuntu) ( with an Offer I forgot about. I’m trying to remove the offer and am getting the “not connected” error message. I’ve searched for and followed the instructions on backing up and resyncing, as well as Ctrl-e, but I still am unable to retrieve the Bitcoin tied up in the Offer. Is there a way to do this, or is this value lost to the dark void?

Bitcoin don’t really get sent anywhere outside your wallet until the offer is taken and the trade started, so there is nothing to worry about. You still have the private keys that you can always see with cmd+j.

Please not that since this is a version before 0.5 the wallets (as well as Bisq networks) are not compatible.
This means that you will either have to make a transaction from your old wallet to the new one manually or simply extract the private keys and import them into your wallet to be able to move your bitcoins to a new Bisq app. But as I said, nothing to worry about, you and only you have the private keys so the bitcoins are and always were in your possession. :slight_smile:

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When I check cmd+j the amount reserved in the Offer isn’t shown (same as cmd+e). Would this only show if I restored from the seed or private keys from cmd+j?

Did you disable the wallet password first in the settings? I guess, I should have mentioned that :smiley:

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With cmd+e you should be able to withdraw any open fund in your wallet. Do you see any positive balance when opening the wallet tool with cmd+e? If not then you have no funds there anymore. You can try to resync by deleting the spv chain file (not sure if that was already in that version in the app, check settings/network there is a button - if not u need to do it manually by deleting the file bisq.spvchain inside the data directory (btc_mainnet/wallet/bisq.spvchain).
The restart 2 times the app, then the wallet got resynced. After that u can check again with cmd+e for the balance.

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Thank you everyone for your replies; they all assisted in the rescue, which was successfull.

For anyone reading this in the future, here’s what I did:

  • backed up the data directory, both manually (copy-paste) and using the built-in backup function
  • deleted the spv chain file and restarted the app twice
  • resynced (note: this took a few hours, and didn’t seem to go any quicker on an internet connection that was 4x faster)
  • removed the wallet password
  • cmd+j and copied the contents to a text editor that wouldn’t mess with the formatting (gedit in my case)
  • copied all the matching public addresses and private keys to a separate window
  • checked the public addresses one at a time with a blockchain explorer
  • two of the addresses showed a balance, I’m assuming one for the wallet and one for the Offer
  • imported those private keys into a separate wallet app and transferred the balances to a new wallet

Which one us used? In Bisq you cannot import yet priv keys, but thats on the todo list.
You could have just sent out the funds but that would have caused mining fees.

I tried sending the funds via cmd+e, but received an error message (I didn’t make a note of what it was). I imported the keys into Mycelium, then transferred out from there.

To add a little more to the back story, I had what was then a small amount of BTC I was using to play and test with in Bitsquare, and forgot all about it (moved, new job, life things, etc). That amount became no longer insignificant with the increase in price since then. I’ve been “rescuing” amounts of BTC from several platforms, account, and wallets in the last few weeks with the same story. Almost feels like finding high-value coins in old jars of loose change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Might be a bug related that there is no arbitrator anymore. But good u could solve it.

Yes BTC goes up like crazy! :slight_smile: Don’t buy pizzas with it :wink:

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